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What You Should Do When You Are Invited To An Art Gallery

What You Should Do When You Are Invited To An Art Gallery

Getting invited to an art gallery is a big deal. At the very least, it means the gallery owner or the artist organizing the opening has a keen respect for you, either as a connoisseur, an artist or an art buyer or dealer. Basically, you should handle such an invitation as a thing of honour. If it is your first time to an art gallery, you are entitled to some mistakes, they wouldn’t be forgiven, but at least you are entitled to them. This post will help you reduce the chances of having a complete gaffe and tell you exactly what to do when you are invited to an art gallery.

Don’t abuse the bar

Art galleries, especially on opening days for artists, always have an open bar. This however does not qualify as a watering hole for you. Drowning yourself at the bar is a very wrong way to go. Art events are generally very cultured, and the regulars are a close-knit community, acting the drunk will be sure to get you barred from future events.

Don’t chase selfies

A lot of really important people (read celebrities) are art connoisseurs (serious buyers) and you do not want to embarrass them at events. Whipping out your smartphone and going click click every few seconds with another celebrity will not make you many friends at an art gallery. You may even risk the celebrity walking away from the party and no gallery owner will be really pleased with you for that.

Comment nicely on…everything

With the way contemporary and modern art is set up these days, the very floor you are walking on may be an artwork. Small, nice comments on practically everything will go a long way to show your “artistic sense” and guess who is getting invited again?


Remember the comment about art people being close-knit? If you want to join the club, the best way would be to network and make friends at the event you are invited to. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the people you are likely to see at an art event are really attractive and good-looking. Don’t be too thirsty about it though.

Don’t come with your children, please

There is nothing worse than hearing a child wail at an art gallery, except hearing the artist wail when a child doodles on his $10,000 marble sculpture. As a rule, art galleries are quiet and children tend to make noise and doodle. Except you are a billionaire, please, don’t come with your children.

Comment on the artist’s work

If you were invited to an art opening, make sure you comment on the artist’s work. You did not come for the open bar, or at least, you should not make it too obvious. Be sure to comment on the artist’s work to the artist’s hearing too.

Oh, and you break or stain it, you buy it

Reasons why you should not drink too much or eat too much at an art gallery ought to be basic, but just in case, this is one more. You do not want to risk breaking or staining anything. You will have to buy it.

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