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What are Digital Borescopes?

What is a borescope?

A borescope is a device used to see inside something through a small hole. They were first invented during the second world war for examining the inside of large guns for defects. These days, borescopes have a variety of characteristics depending on their intended use. Typically, they have an eyepiece at one end, connected to a tube that can be rigid or flexible. On the other end is a lens that magnifies the object to allow for greater clarity. Modern borescopes sometimes come with lights produced through fibre optics in order to illuminate the object if the borescope is being inserted into a dark place.

A flexible borescope, or fibre scope, can be used to capture images around a bend, through fibre optic technology, in spaces that are difficult or impossible to reach. This might be inside machinery where the user is able to spot a problem that could not be seen otherwise without dismantling the object.

Digital Borescopes

A digital borescope allows the user to capture video footage. A small video camera is fitted at the end of the tube and can take both still pictures and motion capture. This allows for better resolution when it comes to capturing imagery and this is especially important when looking for a problem inside complex machinery. Again lighting will help illuminate dark areas to allow for more detailed and clearer image capturing.

High-end digital borescopes gives the user the option of adjusting the viewing angle manually with a set of controls. Often have powerful zoom capabilities and some can be submerged in water without damage. Specialist models can be bought for particular jobs, such as UV-light borescopes and dark room tactical cameras.

What is a Digital Borescope used for?

Often used in a professional capacity, they allow workers to see inside industrial scale engines and other machinery without dismembering it. This is a cheaper, easier way of spotting faults and performing daily inspections. It is also safer for the user, both because they are not required to take the machine apart, and because daily checks help prevent anything going wrong while the machinery is in use during working hours.

As a  transportable, it can be easily taken from one piece of machinery to another quickly and conveniently. They are commonly used for aviation checks, for example, to look at the inside of an aircraft engine or turbine. However, they are used in many environments from factory lines to food processing and are an extremely valuable tool for many industries. Using a borescope to perform checks on machinery saves a company a huge amount of time and money in the long run.

Spotting a problem with an engine or another piece of machinery early is extremely important for any company. They not only save money by performing a repair before things worsen, but they potentially save lives in the process by preventing malfunctions during use. Some areas of machinery are completely inaccessible and being able to perform checks in a manner that does not destroy or damage it in the process is a great convenience to a company.

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